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Date Posted: 10th Febuary 2013

Title: New Website

Welcome to the new website!
I have spent a good few hours on this design, it marks the 5th one since the site opened!
I am currently working on recoding the pages so they fit with the new design better, so at the moment the site is a bit bare. Same with images I've lost a lot when I got a new computer so I'll be searching for some more and adding them to the website.

A few months ago, A suspicious code was injected into my website coding giving people a popup virus. I worked on removing it straight away but it kept returning. There are a few domains hosted on here, Jurassica and Rekuaza are both on the same box meaning they all got infected as well. No matter how many times I removed the code it came back, so last month I wiped the entire domain of all its files and folders essentially losing all my hard work.

Thankfully I made plenty of backups and am in the process of putting all my websites back online, but testingly. I want to make 100% sure that virus wont come back and compromise my account and your computers. So please, bear with me whilst I experiment and get to the bottom of this issue.

Whats upset me the most is the fact its taken so long to deal with it, but that's unfortunately my own fault and the fact I had to move house so didn't have the time or resources to work on it. Another bitter blow is the forums, due to the attack my databases got compromised and I accidentially wiped the forums of all its users and posts, none of my backups have been recent so its with great sadness that I wont be bringing back the forums. Instead however, I have decided to remake a seperate forum for both my Dinosaur websites! It's a WIP and I hope once its up and running that you will reregiter and can continue the discussions on Dinosaurs.
Thank you all for your patience!